Feldenkrais ExplorAction Training

This has been an amazing two weeks up at my Feldenkrais ExplorAction training.

Looking forward to getting home for awhile and share what we've been exploring. We've been playing with weight shifting, gait, homo and contra lateral movements, and how to toss your energy around without effort.

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Simplicity of Owning your NOW Body Moment

Simplicity of movement

How strange is it that we are expected to not know basic information and self care, and sadly that this is welcome by most professionals.

A startling fact is if you knew what you liked, how to access your deep happiness, knew what foods most nourished you, were able to tap into your power source for guidance and answers....

Well, you would trust your inner voice to support your system and be able to recall on it habitually, instead of being controlled by habits that might not serve you.

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Women are not broken….

They need to be unwrapped

Women are not broken

Women do you know how beautiful you are? Do you know your worth and just what you desire? Do you have faith your desires will be met?

Your unique gifts that makes you exactly who you are, are perfect and not broken. It simply may just be hiding from the light of day.

This untapped resource might be afraid of what will happen if you let her out of the closet. 

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