I’m blissed out after my body work session!

“Rae is a gifted practitioner!! I felt about 2 inches taller after my treatment session. No joke! It was amazing!”

K. Russell Bates

I am 71 years young and always looking forward to my next session. “Rae brings a wealth of training and experience to her Feldenkrais classes and private sessions. The soothing quality and tone and timing of her voice is so healing and relaxing. Her dedication to the study of anatomy and kinesiology is demonstrated by her knowledge of movement and of the human body.

I have benefited greatly from attending classes, also a private session with Rae. I have improved my posture as well as relieved of hip and heel pain by lightening and balancing the weight of my lower body. As a result of a session with Rae, I walk taller with a sense of Well Being.

Rae is inspiring, energetic, and light hearted. It is very easy to feel very comfortable and relaxed in her presence.”

Margaret B.

Transformed inside and out!

“Rae provides a burrito of mind-body magic. As a physical therapist and a tryer of all things non-invasive medicine, Feldenkrais hands on work is the most gentle AND effective intervention I have experienced. You are very supported by props and body change is achieved with gentle hands on movements. I would equate it to my experience with Rolfing, in that the outcome is immediate. You experience change in the session. I also participated in Rae’s class and benefitted from her “every part of your life” intake. Rae includes coaching and guidance well backed by NLP and other investments into her own self. Having worked with other coaches, I can say Rae’s training and personality combine to create unique simple practical changes and insights in my business and personal life that I had not gotten from other mentors. She is lovely to work with and I healed up plantar fasciitis, got myself super aligned, and better shored up in my business during our time together.”

Beth A.

After my experiences with Rae I always feel that there is another way to look at things even if I thought I had seen them all.

“She is inspiring in her dedication to her practice and I always feel her ability to bring things into better clarity is her greatest gift. I have learned from Rae that being strong and calm and open may be difficult at times but Rae has taught me that I can use these qualities to be a better partner, a better parent and a better friend-especially to myself.”

V. Kane

One session stops my pain. One session gives me a new relationship with my body.

“Rae is passionate about the body/mind and helping me move without pain. There have been several occasions where ONE session with Rae stops my pain. I moved out-of-state and it’s been difficult finding someone with her skill, expertise and smile!”

Tas S.

Working with Rae provided me with the support I needed during a very demanding transitional period.

“The incredibly gentle bodywork included in her services is centering and deeply restorative, and she taught me tools and skills – postural, professional, and more – which have changed how I inhabit my body, move through the world, and operate my business. Rae has helped me develop a new and fulfilling relationship with self-care which reverberates through all aspects of my life, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to attend her weekly Feldenkrais™ classes as an extension of our work together.


Rae is an empowering, loving, creative healer

“Rae provides amazing services—on many levels—for her clients. I highly recommend her work!”

Susan T.

I feel so much more relaxed where I hadn’t known I was stressed.

“I feel like I literally have a brand new body and with it my senses feel like they’ve been cleansed and are more clear. My mind is also more relaxed and overall just feel really good within not only my body, but myself. OM OM OM!!!!”

C. Cowa

Working with Rae has been a joy!

“Her energy, spirit and compassion radiate. Her playfulness makes anything enjoyable. AND, her zest for life and continuous learning is contagious! I’m a better person for knowing her… almost symbolic to me or a guide-post of someone who doesn’t buy into the rhetoric of what women should be molded like and as such provided me with a level of freedom to buck the norm and continue in my personal development.”

Jennifer M.

My body was a mess after many years of knee issues then TKR.

“As a result I walked funny and my body hurt in multiple places. After just one session with Rae I experienced increased flexibility and it felt like I was floating.”

Kaya Singer

Rae speaks so fluidly from her heart, from her experiences, and her thoughts.

“For myself, I often have a chatty conversation inside myself that is often unhelpful. I have learned from Rae to change my patterns and vocalize kinder thoughts more often. Lots for me to work on.”

Dottie H.

Rae helped me breakthrough a very important issue which had been plaguing me for decades.

“I had a severe mental block which kept me from thinking about money and paralyzed me from planning for the future. On the way home from my appointment, I actually called my financial establishment to ask questions about my balance. THIS WAS HUGE FOR ME! In the past I had gotten sick to my stomach just thinking about the potential of having a conversation about money. Now I have the conversations happily with no ill feelings. I feel more in control of my money and my life. I also found that with a few financial adjustments I will save 95K! I am extremely grateful to Rae for helping me through this block.”

E. Gately

“Rae is amazing!

“She is excellent at what she does and cares deeply about giving her clients the best! I’ve known her now for 6 months and she is an outstanding practitioner!”

Suzanne J.

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