About Rae

Feldenkrais Awareness Through MovementWith over 25 years of study on movement therapy, attachment, and nutrition including why we eat and the patterns we have created around nourishment, I’ve brought together a integrated program for women to think with their whole body. Rather than focusing on past problems my focus is on goal setting for the future and the overall development and growth of the individual.

I weave together Mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Somatic Techniques to support personal development and professional excellence. I use a variety of different modalities and create a specialized program tailored for each client, based upon their current needs. I trust the wisdom of each of my clients and mirror back to them their gifts. My practice includes Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement ™ Lessons, Functional Integration™, NLP, Nia Education, Personal Nutrition balancing the Brain / Gut connection, Hoopgirl certified, Holistic Pelvic Care™, Holistic Pelvic Energy™ Provider and Craniosacral. I’m certified through the Whole Health Medical Institute.

What do I love to do?

Rae CertificationI love to cook, be with my family and friends, dance, and wander in the woods. I’m a avid bookworm as well, and love learning as much as I love teaching and I will continue my studies as it is my profound belief to always be curious. My hobbies are sewing and crafting as that keeps me in the flow of my creative process. I continually make time for my own personal work, so I can best support my clients and loved ones.

With me you’ll build confidence, and find your power that was always there to begin with. I’m a flashlight and a mirror showing you your unique brilliance that is within every woman. I have a profound belief that having awareness of your movements is the beginning of more control in all levels of life, giving you the empowerment and confidence to change habits and rearrange patterns that no longer work for you. This could be toxic relationships, pain, negative self talk, habits you want to change, obstacles in your work life. When this inner strength is set free, barriers fall away, the mind is a peace, and the body heals itself.

My Story

After the birth of my fourth child in 2005, I was faced with a threatening uterine prolapse that I was put on bed rest for six weeks.

Now with four children I was unable to care for myself, let alone anyone else in the way that I wanted to. I’d been told that pelvic-floor surgery was probably “the only real option” for recovery.

 I knew in my gut it wasn’t true.

I’d been forced to get quiet with myself and listen. Turns out this was the medicine I needed to begin healing from the inside out.

So, I dug deep, listened hard, and paid attention…

The deeper I went inside, the closer I got to my center. I found the Master Teachers I needed to find, and their wisdom taught me how I could restore my own well-being. I have so much gratitude for all of their guidance. I now have profound healing in my body and an ever-deepening connection to my most inner self, my core, my life. This is a life long journey that will never end as healing and growing and learning are a way of life I cherish.

I now have the sincere pleasure of sharing this healing medicine with you.

I’d love to hear from you!

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