• Confidently choose the next direction to let go of pelvic pain and heal
  • Boldly face any situation calmly without stress or anxiety
  • Banish shame and fear
  • Discover the causes and how to avoid pain in the future

This opens doors for all types of healing possibilities that might not have been available in a conscious way.

  • The body is the way in because the conscious mind usually just wants to keep things the same familiar pattern.
  • The most effective way is to use the skeleton as a vehicle to explain what else is possible.
  • Muscles and fascia just want to hold you in your original pattern, and that does not work for you.
  • The process is not painful.
  • This allows the pain reflexes to be reset, either physical or emotional, and active motion restored.

Programs are custom individualized sessions designed for you specifically, and no two lessons will be the same. I work with where you are today. Plan on wearing comfortable clothing you can move easily in.

Are you wondering if this is for you?

Over 25 years of my focus work has been supporting individuals through holistic health using natural movement, and intrinsic attachment needs that are universal to all humans.

This transpires to their partners, parents and children, and I work with family units if that is what they all wish.

  • Have you tried many modalities with no success
  • Do you have new or chronic pain
  • Would like to know preventative ways to avoid pain and stiffness
  • Are you stressed, anxious, or depressed
  • Do you have a limitation, or loss of function you would like restored
  • Want to discover how to make the pain go away
  • Are you looking to age with grace and dignity

Are you looking for classes or private sessions?

  • One-on-one individual sessions in SE Portland and Beaverton, OR
  • Classes in Beaverton, OR
  • Zoom online classes and sessions from the privacy of your home

You are ready, you need it, and you care about you!

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