You Are Your Best Teacher

I work with aligning the skeleton for optimum freedom of movement and pleasure. We so often think that we must exercise our muscles in order to be strong, but as any tai chi or martial artist will tell you, this simply isn’t true. Yes there is conditioning the muscle for strength and endurance, but if we are using our muscles to hold our skeleton in place we are over working and setting the body up for later in life problems. When we force our muscles to do something we often are holding our breath and the brain goes in to a survival mode and often learns bad habits. Habits that come to haunt you with age. In regards to pelvic health for women, we have a lot to lose, literally.  

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Simplicity of Owning your NOW Body Moment

Simplicity of movement

How strange is it that we are expected to not know basic information and self care, and sadly that this is welcome by most professionals.

A startling fact is if you knew what you liked, how to access your deep happiness, knew what foods most nourished you, were able to tap into your power source for guidance and answers….

Well, you would trust your inner voice to support your system and be able to recall on it habitually, instead of being controlled by habits that might not serve you.

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