Simplicity of Owning your NOW Body Moment

Tonight I’ll be interviewed on why do I care about women feeling in the driver seat of their own bodies.

Simplicity of movementHow strange is it that we are expected to not know basic information and self care, and sadly that this is welcome by most professionals.

A startling fact is if you knew what you liked, how to access your deep happiness, knew what foods most nourished you, were able to tap into your power source for guidance and answers….

Well, you would trust your inner voice to support your system and be able to recall on it habitually, instead of being controlled by habits that might not serve you.

Even if you fell into a period of not meeting those needs for a time, if you are listening with awareness, your body will talk to you and set you back on your righted path.

Think about the next meal you are about to eat.

  • Imagine what is happening before the food reaches your mouth.
  • Were you first attracted to the colors and textures?
  • Has your digestion process been started by the smell of the ingredients?

Prep work stimulates the salivary glands which is the first start of digestion, priming the body to be nourished and maximizing absorption.

  • And in your environment, what do you desire to hear and what do you see?
  • Already so much is possible to have precise control over down to the simplest steps.
  • And simplicity is what we are going for.

Breaking things down so they can be savored teaches the brain to recall on it with ease. Rush, pain, guilt and fear gets blocked out and the body, feeling so overloaded by emotions, shuts down and stops talking to you.

Think of it as in relationship to a non attached parent/child bond. The child speaks up in their primitive way for so long, but eventually gives up and builds up walls of protection.

When we break things apart into simple steps you are retraining yourself to pay attention to details. This makes the mind and body very happy, which translates to your overall well being of feeling in control of your “NOW” moment.