Women are not broken….

They need to be unwrapped

Women do you know how beautiful you are? Do you know your worth and just what you desire? Do you have faith your desires will be met?

Your unique gifts that makes you exactly who you are, are perfect and not broken. It simply may just be hiding from the light of day.

This untapped resource might be afraid of what will happen if you let her out of the closet. Well dear, truth, there is no closet. We carry our skeletons around with us where ever we go.

Women are not brokenEvery heartbreak, shame story, hurtful events come with you at every moment, so if you are holding your skeleton tightly under wraps instead of wearing your beautiful bones proudly, it can only last so long. She is right there under the covering of your skin, your words, your energy source just waiting for the right moment to pounce at the enemy.

The men whom you meet are clueless to this. They have no idea what has happened in your lifetime and if you hold back your true beauty it does no one any favors. They might meet you and think, they have found an easy one. Ha! I have never met any easy woman.

We are a complex nervous system of thought, feelings, habits and emotions and if you don’t know what your true desires are, you are closing the curtains to the light. The magic can’t find you. And if the magic does even manage to shine right in your face, you will have no idea it’s meant for you, or you will feel unworthy to such magic for yourself. Pity.

Looking to someone else to fill in your gaps is useless because it’s impossible. When you allow others to start filling in the holes you need to be doing for yourself this is the exact moment women will pounce on her unknowing subject leaving everyone confused and hurt. If you give the men in your life the true blessing of who you are, you will have the divine pleasure of being unwrapped by the perfect person for you. If you are with someone not willing to unwrap you, that is good information to move along, he’s meant for someone else. There is no force needed because as humans, soul connection is our birth right. We are energy so there is no point holding it in. We are love, so there is no sense holding it back.