The sky is falling or maybe you are rising up

The sky is fallingBlessings. What the hell does this mean?

You know how to annoy someone as fast as possible?

Tell them that they are blessed when they are down. We all have experiences that shape us. We are continuously being shaped by others and the world around us at large. If you think you are immune or have some super power to make that not so, good for you. It’s a lie.

How do you move from being “in” a story with no control, to being the owner of your future? How do you get to stop being a pin ball in your own life taking hits as fast as they come, and believing you had no idea they were coming? Own your skeleton, your desires, and the raw truth of who you are and what you were meant to create in this world. No other way around it.

As a child I had lots of hits. The world was not so lovely to me and I realized at a very young age I must have done something terribly wrong in a past life to deserve my current state. My only respite was to move. I danced as much as I could to shake that energy out. Unfortunately this only exasperated the hits because girls were supposed to be nice and not move around so much, as I was told. Outcasted again. And yet, I couldn’t stop.

Dancing was my soul and it has no boundaries. I had to keep moving because of this primal need to get whatever was in me out into world. The heavy cloche I was wearing was way too much for a tender soul who just was seeking others who shared the same vision.

Mind you I married young and did as I was told for awhile because that was the lot women wore for ages, but still the skeleton was itchy. She had no interest in this story. She didn’t like being held down and not shown her beauty. She blew the closet doors off and refused to take no for an answer.

So how do you get back to owning your story? Own your desires. Own who you are as a person. Own what you love and what you cherish. Your people will find you in your perfect state. And better you will all rise you up to where you all need to be because you have a collective vision.