You Are Your Best Teacher

I work with aligning the skeleton for optimum freedom of movement and pleasure. We so often think that we must exercise our muscles in order to be strong, but as any tai chi or martial artist will tell you, this simply isn’t true. Yes there is conditioning the muscle for strength and endurance, but if we are using our muscles to hold our skeleton in place we are over working and setting the body up for later in life problems. When we force our muscles to do something we often are holding our breath and the brain goes in to a survival mode and often learns bad habits. Habits that come to haunt you with age. In regards to pelvic health for women, we have a lot to lose, literally.  

If you are looking for lasting solutions for pelvic health you have to look deep within and be willing to listen. I work with women to light the way back to themselves. I am a guide that shows women how to tap in to the tools they already have. The pelvic bowl is like your second brain. The body refuses to lie to you, so she will start sagging or falling down on the job if you are not paying attention to her. Your dreams, your goals, your desires all stem from the pelvic bowl and if you are not paying attention to them, she will let you know. 

Carve out some time in your day, either in the morning or another time you can have to yourself that is quiet. Sit quietly on the ground or bed and listen to what message she is trying to tell you. Journaling can be helpful if this is your thing, but most important it should be pleasurable. If you hate journaling, don’t do it! Slowly begin to move in an embryonic form and as you do keep your desires and the pelvic bowl in your thoughts. Doing this as a daily morning practice will not only change your outlook, but it will prepare you for your day and the bigger work that needs to be done. I additionally use are hula hoops, vaginal weights and self pleasuring as time allows or what is calling to me for that day. All with mindfulness as this is the most important part. You can’t ignore her and hope she will be magically fixed by someone else. She’s talking to you and she’s your best teacher.